The Biggest Websites In The World Today

The Biggest Websites In The World Today

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We all know that Google is everywhere. Other massive websites we have all heard of include Facebook, Yahoo!, Amazon and eBay. However, when looking at the list of top websites, there may actually be some surprises in there as well. Let's take a look. attracts some 49 million visitors per year. It is a question and answer site that people turn to more frequently than they do to Yahoo! Answers. One of the reasons why it is so big is because their domain name is fantastic. Additionally, it generates answers through their own community, which means they get a lot of traffic through Google itself. also attracts some 49 million yearly visitors. It is therefore one of the biggest online shopping sites. The reason why it is so big is because the store itself operates according to the winning principle of offering low prices at all times. The name is a true household name, which means people automatically gravitate towards the website as well.

Like the other two, attracts 49 million annual visitors. The site is owned by Disney and features content from ESPN, ABC News and Interestingly, nobody really goes to Instead, they go to a different Disney site, without knowing they are actually going to a site. This is a remnant of a 1990s Disney effort of trying to beat Yahoo! by creating a new search engine, Go, which never really took off.

Microsoft attracts some 52 million visitors per year. It is the place to go for purchasing Microsoft products, downloading updates and getting support. It is so big because almost all laptops and computers are powered by Microsoft, with an automatic bookmark to the website as well.

Apple is just as competitive as Microsoft, with the same amount of annual visitors. It is the place to go for all things Apple, including customer support. One of the reasons why it is so big is because it includes not just support for Mac users, but also for all iDevices, including iPhones, iPads and iPods.

CNN attracts some 53 million visitors each year. Their platform offers news content on a multimedia platform. CNN offers round-the-clock breaking news and fantastic content, both in terms of live information and in terms of their archives.

Live attracts 56 million visitors per year. It is the email service offered by Microsoft, something that not everybody knows. Microsoft is working hard on keeping all their email services accessible, including and Outlook. Indeed, by navigating to either or, you are automatically redirected to Live, which is how it gets so many visitors.

eHow attracts 57 million visitors per year. The website offers simple how-to guides on a range of different topics. It gets most of its traffic through Google, where people enter a question as a search term. When Google changed its algorithm so that content does not automatically go to the top of the search page anymore, eHow continued to remain at the top.

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