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There are many things in life that are better done by an expert and writing web content is no different. The content of your website is important for a variety of reasons -not least because it should read well so that your clients and potential clients can engage with it and gain a better understanding of the products or services that you offer. After all, you have spent money on creating a website, possibly even SEO so it is important that what is on the site is relevant and well written.

So here are 5 reasons why you should outsource your content writing rather than do it yourself:

   1.They are the experts

As we mentioned, most jobs are better done by experts and a professional copywriter will do the job every day. They will have tried many different techniques in the past some that will have failed and they will understand what works. It is the end result that is all important, so employing an expert will surely get the best results. Experts are focused on getting the job done and gaining results and it was once said that 90% of ‘work’ was talent. This is their job so it seems only natural that they will want to take some pride in what they do. If they have been in business for a while then they will almost certainly have this talent.

   2. Need to understand SEO

One of the key ingredients to building a successful website is that it must be SEO friendly. This means that there must be enough actual content (there must be enough text), it must relevant and it must contain all the relevant keywords, or at least those that you are aiming to get the best results from. This is not an easy task and to meet the constantly changing demands of Google you need to be on the ball with their regular updates, this is not easy and again something that is time consuming. Wouldn’t your time be better spent on concentrating on what makes your business successful rather than trying to learn about something that you probably have little or no interest in?

  3. Do you have the knowledge to do it day in day out?

Remember, keeping the content up to date is essential in achieving all the results that you want when it comes to SEO. Do you have the knowledge to keep writing relevant articles, or relevant content on a daily basis? How broad is your knowledge of loosely related subjects? The answer to both of the questions is probably in the negative and that is not a slight on you as an individual, it is simply a fact that as in point 1, an expert can do this particular job better than you. Why would you be focused on subjects that are outside of your job?

   4. You will have an element of bias

When you are writing the content it is only natural that you will have an element of bias and this will come through in your writings. Of course you want to promote your site but having too much bias or perhaps being overly critically of competitors (even if it is in a discrete manner) will show through in your work. You need to take one step back and try and distance yourself from the subject but that is not easy when it is your job and potentially your passion. Someone who is independent such as a professional copywriter could achieve this as they will be looking from the outside in.

   5. There are high stakes on getting it right first time

Your website is a vital tool for your business so there is a need to get it right and get it right first time. The stakes are certainly high and mistakes or errors will be cruelly punished. Some techniques work and some don’t, do you have this working knowledge to achieve success and at your first attempt? It is very hard to achieve near perfection at your first attempt, with most things it doesn’t really matter if you fail the first time, perhaps even the second time but you are potentially damaging your business if you do that with your website.

   6. It is easy to put the job off

Another issue that often rears its head with copywriting is that it is easy to put off, especially if it is not particularly your forte. As we keep mentioning, your website is important and therefore should not be put off until tomorrow. This doesn’t just mean producing the original site but also the ongoing updates. Firstly, do you have the time to do the updates and secondly, reinforcing the point, do you have the inclination? The answer to both, long term at least, is again probably no. A professional copywriter will ensure that the task is completed, after all if they don’t they won’t get paid and it will free up time for you to concentrate on more important tasks.

Gemma Purnell

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